Our vision

Excellence in professional performance and evaluated constantly.

Commitment to international accounting and auditing standards and accepted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

To provide the best professional service to our clients, consulting and solutions to address all of the problems they face in their work.

Contribute to raising the level of accounting and auditing profession in Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with relevant organizations and local associations and offices of the associate official bodies.

Continuous development and qualification of our staff through training programs within and outside the Office guidance and supervision over the work.
Rehabilitation of technical competencies, national and skills in auditing and accounting profession.

We also commit ourselves to the basic checks and auditing principles and most important:

Honesty, impartiality and independence:

Through the exercise of justice and impartiality conservatives on the impartiality and independence fact and appearance.

Through we maintain the information that is available to us during our mission, except in cases required by law or the requirements of the job requirements.

Skill and efficiency:
Through we have made the necessary professional care in the task execution and reporting (by technical staff working we have that are available to them the experience and process efficiency and specialized skill).

Planning and documentation:
It is our policy planning and documentation for all our business - where it is planning for the mission on the basis of preliminary information we have obtained through the best of our knowledge on the rules of procedure at the facility.